Saturday, April 4, 2009


QUE! QUE! QUE! Now I waited after about three more viewings to talk about this boy so I can give a good analysis. Now I am in no way excusing his recent behavior, but I am offering explanations as to why he is feeling and acting the way he is.

At the beginning of the season Que kept feeling as though his opinions were not being valued. He felt that no one wanted Day26 to be more than just a normal R&B group, and that no one else in the group was compromising on trying to decide just what Day26 was, especially for this new album. His point is completely valid. New things are becoming the "it" thing to do, such as the rock/pop combo.

I agree with him in the sense that I think R&B music is beginning to encompass various types of music styles and so he believes that they should be moving along with this growing definition. However, other group members want to resort to the regular R&B. So Que feels as though no one is valuing his opinion and when Diddy came and thought the joint he picked out was hot, he really felt like see why can't yall listen to me.

Additionally, Willie would press his buttons simply because when Will said something, it seemed to be of importance to the group, but if Que said something, it didn't mean anything and Willie didn't care, and it seemed like no one else did either.

Then, Que gets in a fight that he supposedly wins but yet they steal all of his stuff. But his brothers didn't really seem to support him through that.

Then to top that off, Que's mom comes in and basically sides with the rest of his group members who all already cast him off as being crazy, and she says his problem is that he doesn't want to listen. But the problem with that is that as her son, she should understand that Que is a little more sensitive that the average guy, so for her to do that in front of the other group members, made him feel like no one was in his corner.

So when you combine all of this, among others, it makes sense why he's been acting all irrational. There's all these things on his mind and as the youngest he feels like everyone is lecturing him as well as outcasting him. So with all these things weighing on him, it's no wonder why he keeps acting the way he is. It's too much and it's messing with him making rational and practical decisions.

Diddy should have picked up on this alot sooner, but now Que is going to possibly have to suffer because these issues weren't ironed out before they got this bad. Poor Que.

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