Sunday, December 28, 2008


Aight So Ciara is really trying to come full force with this Beyonce battle thing. And honestly, I think she did her thing on this track. Clearly we all know Beyonce's voice is way better, but I think Ciara is still trying to keep up with her, which should be interesting to watch. Hopefully this Fantasy Ride album thats coming out is hot enough to listen to and continue this let's stay tuned folks.


Lawd. What can't I say? Jamie is too sexy for his own good. I love him. I seriously do. I've been following him since forever. This album, Intuition, is hot to def so if you haven't already copped it, please do. It's great. And while I'm at it let me just emphasize how great Kanye's album is. It's wonderful as well so please get these/ listen to these albums if you have not already done so.

No Talking

So basically dude threw popcorn at and shot a man because his family was talking during the movie in Philadelphia. Insane. SMH.


Ok Sorry guys. I haven't been keeping my blog up to date so I'm trying to do that now. So much has happened to me this week/end that's its crazy. I'm going to try to summarize.

So basically my best friend let me get disrespected by her white friend various times and did nothing to stop her. Then we're in the club, next thing I know we're leaving because supposedly my best friend was in a fight, that I didn't even see, but somehow I'm not a friend because I didn't use my X-Ray vision and mind reading abilities to know not only that there was a fight going on on the other side of the room, but that my best friend was involved. So because of my neglect to use these powers, I was stranded in NY.

Now first and foremost, NEVER EVER EVER leave your best friend stranded in a location. It's seriously not a good look. No matter the issues before hand, ya'll can both get in the car and not speak, and then resolve those issues like grown ups at a later date. But do NOT leave your friend. It's so sad too. Because after everything that happened we could have dealt with these issues. But once you leave someone somewhere, its a wrap because they never can trust you with their lives again. So moral of the story, don't leave your friend anywhere it's not a good look and it will definitely end a friendship. SMH.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Black people. Seriously. Please, please, please, educate yourselves. That's really all I can say after this nonsense.

Yes many of us would not be here had it not been for slavery, but...I can't even finish this sentence. Ugh. Seriously, educate yourselves. And black people wonder why Africans don't really like us. SMH.

Swagger Jacker

Ok so heres Beyonce's new videos I guess. Uhm yeah. Diva had so much potential. I don't know who is in charge of Beyonce's video's but I can definitely say her fans ain't really feeling the "lets do everything in black in white" thing. I don't know man. These are some really good songs, and the video isn't living up to them. I would have liked to see more of this Beyonce Diva come out. And Halo is a great song. It's probably my favorite. It's in heavy rotation.

She also is copying way too many people in the video i.e. J-Lo with that dress on. But oh well. Here they are.

End of the World

OMG! Is this song a fucking joke?! Please tell me it is! Boss Bitch!? She aint NOBODY'S boss! Hoe PLEASE sit down. See it's shit like this that make hoes like her HOES! LOL Like who the hell do you think you are with this awful track? Ugh. I hope they do NOT bump this in the club this Holiday weekend or I'll be oober upset. SMMFH.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Daddy's Girls

Vanessa and Angela have a new show coming out which now includes their cousin and their friend. Not much to say I guess. So I guess we'll see what happens when it comes out.

Good Samaratin?

Ok so I saw this video and I just seriously don't know what to say. I mean I know in driver's education they taught you that you shouldn't move a body in a car crash because you don't know how severely the person is injured and you may injure them during rescue. However, I would have honestly tried to do the same thing. If I thought the car could possibly catch fire, and there was no definite time of help arriving (because the police have been extremely sketchy these days if you've been paying attention) I would try to get the person out of the vehicle.

So for them to even describe it as careless and treating her like a rag-doll, is ridiculous. And they should honestly feel ashamed for suing someone willing to risk his life to save her.

Seven Pounds

Ok so I had another date last night, and we went and saw Seven Pounds. Boy was that movie interesting.

First off, Will Smith. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm. That's literally all I can say. Even in his vulnerable state (as the character) he was looking mighty scrumptious lol. Seriously! Who would have thought the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was going to be like this!? His acting skills are tremendous, as usual, in the film. I could really feel for the character, and that's something that's not easy to do.

Second, (NO IM NOT GOING TO RUIN THE MOVIE) the movie is an interesting concept. The ending is bittersweet, and makes you think about your own life and the things you take for granted and how you treat others. It's a really good movie and had me thinking about the things I've done in my life. So, I urge you all to go out and see that! AND after to really reflect on your own life and how you can make it better.

And the date. LOL Nosy people! Nah, nothing much to tell. It was a good date. We had a few laughs, couple emotional things (due to the movie), and we really enjoyed each other's company. And like I said it's too soon, but he still seems very genuine. It's clear that he takes pride in catering to the women in his life, so this might be a good look. Ok that's enough lol.

Go see Seven Pounds!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So apparently this chick is coming out with a clothing line. And of course the first thing that comes to mind is oh boy, here goes another artist trying to get that guap. But apparently, she was a graphic designer first, and had a couple T-Shirts and whatnot out before she was fly like paper, gettin high like planes.

This should be interesting, because for once the artist actually might know what she's doing. And she has a unique sense of style that incorporates the fashion of various cultures.

In this day and age, it is important that we open our minds to what else is out there. Pay attention to what's going on in other cultures, whether it be from politics, to fashion, to health, or whatever else, because in the end, it does affect you, whether you think so or not.

So I think this will be an interesting line to look out for.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Go to Bed Mad

Ok so I kind of stole this from Ne-Yo. But honestly it's a good motto to live by. Seriously. I'm a very emotional girl, as some of you may know. And sometimes I would let my emotions get the best of me. However, lately in recent situations, I'm honestly extremely proud of the way in which I handled them.

So no matter what the issue is, if your man cheated on you, if you got in an argument with your best friend, if you and your mom aren't getting along. No matter what, do NOT go to bed mad at someone else.

For one, let's say God-forbid, something bad happens to that other person. You don't want to be upset and feel as though the situation is your fault whether it is or isn't. You want to use that time loving the person instead of forgiving or asking for forgiveness, trust me. Life is too short.

Secondly, it only makes you more mad, because you're already mad, and it affects everything you do, negatively. It does no good to you or the person you're mad at. Besides you can't think right when you're mad, and you end up making stupid decisions that will only hurt you and your goal. Also, the person you're mad at doesn't want to even deal with you until you've come out of that state of mind.

Third, it prevents you from moving on. Life is about rolling with the punches. Although those punches are sometimes hard as shit and put you in the emotional hospital, you have to deal with it. So, in order to move on, you have to be in a better place mentally. Besides, half the time the person you're mad at ALREADY moved the hell on, so do yourself a favor and stop devoting your precious time and thoughts to them. (This does take time, but the faster you can program yourself to do this, the easier it becomes)

Fourth, you'll miss out on opportunities. You so busy being mad, you missed out on an opportunity to meet a great guy, or to become interested in a new hobby, or to learn a new dance or food, or something. Don't be too mad as to let these opportunities slip away.

Finally,(this is the most important one) God has a way of handling EVERYTHING. Im dead serious. He's always made a way for me and my family out of no way. So if the person you're mad at is in the wrong, trust me, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT handle it yourself. Let Him take care of it. I've done that before and I honestly regret those decisions and have not reacted like that since. God has a way of giving people a taste of their own medicine when they least expect it. So although you may not necessarily see it, trust me, God has a plan, for you and them, so trust in it, let the anger go, and enjoy your life.

I know this is all easier said then done. But seriously, try to work on that for 2009 and you'll feel alot better. Shit I know I do. Especially because you would rather spend time cuddling instead of arguing, partying instead of arguing, or whatever else instead of arguing.

So to practice what I preach, I'm going to officially let you know (you know who you are) that I'm not mad at you. I'm upset that you hurt me and took advantage of my feelings. I trusted you to be someone that wouldn't fall into another statistic, but you did. And although I know you were lying about alot more than you finally admitted to, I forgive you. Although I don't wish to be friends with you, I will be professional and cordial in all of our interactions, and I honestly wish you the best, and hope that you never have to go through what I did with you.

Aight that's all folks!
DONT GO TO BED MAD! (Thanks Ne-Yo)

Last Night

Ok so here we are back to keeping it 100. So I had a date last night. The end. LOL JK Nah. He was a sweetheart. Very polite, very level headed, extremely goal-oriented, smart, etc. He's definitely the type I could bring home to my mom. Graduated from college with degrees in Accounting and Finance, etc. I'm going to try not to put too much out there LOL in case he reads this LOL.

But yeah. We vibe, we had fun together, and I don't think either of us stopped smiling all night lol. AND he took me to my fav restaurant of all time!! Yup yall know it, OLIVE GARDEN lol. Can't get enough of that place. Oh, I forgot, yes he's fine lol. Won't go into details but hes definitely easy on the eyes lol.

We had alot in common and he seems to be a genuinely good guy. Unfortunately other dudes are good at pretending they are too and so it's too soon to judge whether he really is or not, so I'll keep ya'll updated.

As I said before I'm not really ready to get back out in the dating world right now and during our talk, he could definitely tell that I was still hurt, which I am. But each day is getting easier and I hope that he doesn't have to suffer for the mistakes of the idiot before him. We'll see I guess. Aight that's enough, I don't need yall ALL in my business LOL jk. Stay Tuned :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Play Cloths

So apparently Clipse had a clothing line out. Didn't know that. lol Uhm yeah so now their expanding their online store, since they have limited in-store distribution. Because they popularized the A Bathing Ape line, I guess a lot of people are checking for these dudes. So here are some pictures for ya.

This Character

Honestly. I just don't even know what to say to this kid. First of all you got all this money making raps that a 5 year old could come up with. Second, I honestly believe that this is just a publicity stunt. Who in the world is paying attention to this kid that doesn't have a curfew? Exactly.

I mean I hope he not only cleans up his act and stop teaching kids to supersoak women, but that he also lyrically starts giving us things that rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, T.I., and Lil Wayne had to give to get to the top. I seriously hope that the bullshit he was spitting out didn't take too much effort because if it did, honestly, that needs to be a sign. Anyone could write a rap about a stupid ass dance. SMH.

On a lighter note, he is kind of cute for a little foolish ass youngin.


So apparently everyone thinks that Ne-Yo's most recent interview is ridiculous. At about the 6:50 mark they go into a conversation and Ne-Yo says something to the effect of light-skinned kids looking the best anyway. However, being all up in arms about this statement is ridiculous and proves how quickly things can be taken out of context.

First of all, DO NOT fast forward to that. Watch and listen to the whole conversation. You can see the tone in which he is talking in. He's sarcastic sometimes, sometimes he's being humorous, sometimes serious, etc. It depends on the question being asked of him. And it was clear that the radio personality chick was super extra. So he was also having a little fun, because all people want to try to expose these artists and see how much they can get out of them to help perpetuate any current rumors circulating around them, i.e. him being gay.

Is he gay? I don't know. Nor do I care. The man makes, writes, and sings good music. If his sexual orientation affects whether or not you can relate to his lyrics, then you're ridiculous. Music speaks for itself. The fact that he has these grammy nominations, speaks for itself, but whatever. To each is own.

But back to the reason for the post. So please anytime you read something so crazy, judge for yourself. Don't let media outlets influence your decision either way. Figure it out for yourself. Any idiot can see that he was playing, and it was just a response to having kids with the radio personality. Stop trying to find stuff to be mad at Ne-Yo about. SMDH

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ok so I got an email from a reader. (Yay!) lol Nah but yeah so it's come to my attention that I've been giving out good advice. So thanks for that :) And be sure to keep reading and bringing other people!

Ok so back to the reason for the post dating. Now, currently I am not trying to date. Just got out of my own bull shit so I'm not ready, but I guess I really don't have a choice. But I can still offer advice based on what I like as a woman.

So, you guys want to know fun and interesting things to do on dates. So I'm going to just list a few and tell you their positives and or negatives.

Movies: This is an easy one. A classic one. A pretty cheap one. The only problem is that this is not a date that two people can get to know each other on. You can't talk to each other, and you're focusing on a screen. If you're just starting out with a female, I would honestly do limited amounts of the movie thing until you all get to really know each other. Then when yall are close enough, make it like a every other weekend kind of thing that you two do together. She'd love that :)

Liberty Science Center: I guess only if you're in the Jersey area this applies to you. But go hit that up. There's lots to do and learn there for both adults and kids so go have fun and learn, but don't eat there though, last time I checked the food was oober expensive.

Restaurant: Go eat. LOL Seriously. You guys get time to talk and get to know each other, and you can use what you find out at these dates i.e. what she drinks, what she eats, what she tends to talk about, and use it later to surprise her or something.

Museums: To some this might sound like a far fetched idea, but it's not. Looking at images, sculptures, and whatever else you see will automatically start up conversation. Something will remind you of something else. And this is something different that people don't really do.

Craigslist: Go on craigslist. Look for classes that you two can participate in. They have cooking lessons, salsa lessons, karate, etc. all for not that much money. Go for like an hour and try something you probably wouldn't normally try.

Live Club: Where there is live music. Go check out the new music in your area. Have a couple drinks, etc.

Atlantic City: Drive to atlantic city if you're in the Jersey, NY area. It's no more than 2-3 hours. (You clearly have to be 21 for this) Go spend like 20-40 dollars on the slot machines and have some fun.

Ice skating: I'm actually going to do this this week :) But it's not SUPPOSED to be a date lol but we'll see. It's different, it's fun. Most people can't skate, so if anything, ya'll will have fun laughing at each other bust your asses. This is also one of those dates yall can get to know each other on. So this is probably one of my favorites.

Hope this stuff helps. And if anyone else has suggestions, email me, or message me on my myspace page and we can keep this list going, but I want to keep it relevant to the season that we are currently in. And if you have anything else you want me to post, email that too :)

Mary J. Blige

Ok. So I'm going to keep it real like I said. And this is probably going to cause alot of controversy amongst my readers and whatnot, but whatever. I've already had this conversation with alot of people and although there are plenty who disagree with me, there is a good number who agree so I feel ok enough to put it out there.

Now, I personally think that Mary J. Blige isn't as good as she used to be. I know she's considered a legend now, but honestly, I can't buy someone's album based on that. Whitney Houstan was a damn legend, but I'm not buying this album coming out soon. Mariah Carey was a damn legend when she had clothes on, but now she's trash and we all know it. So although Mary isn't as low as those two characters, she's not the Mary I used to love.

Therefore, (get ready for it, im about to say it so brace yourself) Mary J. Blige is OVERRATED right now. Sorry folks! I said I was going to keep it real so I am.

But, on a lighter MJB note, she was definitely doing her thing. She was the hottest chick. She broke barriers being able to combine hip hop beats with her R&B sound and lyrics. She talked about the things us women go through. I really felt her. And right now I think it's only right for me to bring it back. If any of you women out there are going through heartache, relationship problems, etc. Even if everything is going great, listen to "Everything." I'm telling you, the Share My World album was the TRUTH! I'm actually listening to that shit right now. So if you remember that album, you better go find that shit and put it in RIGHT NOW.

This Chick

OK. So I'm hearing too much of this chick, and she's honestly getting on my last nerves. I'm so sick of people referring to her as bad, and all that nonsense. I think we need to expand these words to incorporate more than just looks, but intelligence, personality, drive, etc. etc. Honestly, this chick is NOT bad. She uses her fake external assets to climb the pole of success. (lol pun intended) And that's so ridiculous to me that a chick like that becomes famous and acquires wealth by looking and dressing with 2 pieces of material max on her body.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with taking a sexy picture every now and again. But somethings I only want my man to enjoy. Not my man, his boys, his grandfather, his uncles, etc. That's ridiculous. I'm not judging but it's so sad that modeling these days means taking pictures with hardly any clothes on. Hoe=Model. SMH

A Bad chick in my opinion, is one who not only looks fierce, but is intelligent, went to school, or is in school getting their degrees. (Cause ain't nothing sexier than a black man with a degree, seriously, so it should be the same with women) But yeah. I think I'm a pretty attractive female, and it's clear that others do too, but I never had to take off all my clothes for me to feel beautiful, or for others to tell me either. So next time you call a chick "bad" I hope you're not just referring to what you see on the outside.

Oh and she ain't no damn angel. Atleast not the kind I was taught about in church. SMDH.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PTA Mom With 13 Year Old Boy

What is going on in this world today? Seriously. Joan Tuckruskye a 44 year old parent, who also happened to be the Vice- President of the fundraising comittee of the PTA, was found in a car with a 13 year old boy. They were both naked from the waist down and she CLAIMS that all they were doing was kissing. That's disgusting.

The Next Man

So, as I told yall, I'm keeping it 100. And I've been going through some shit. It's ashame. It really is. When you find a man you think can prove to you that all men aren't liars, cheaters, selfish, and whatever else, and then he becomes another statistic. Well that's whats going on in my life right now.

I trusted him. Told him things. Cared about him. Wanted to make him happy. And in the end I'm the one hurt. Now I know/ hope this will eventually pass and I won't be upset. But honestly, I'm done with men. It's sad to say, and I never thought I'd say it because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this time I truly mean it. I've seen way too many people, including my mom, go through these types of situations and they continue to get themselves hurt.

So anyone I date, or talk to, let me apologize right now. It's not your fault that you're now going to miss out on the great person that I am, but the fault of your species. I refuse to give myself again to get hurt again. So honestly, don't expect much from me, because I gave all I could and honestly feel like I have nothing left.

And to any female in the same situation, trust me. I feel you. It's the last thing you want to feel, but essentially is a realization we have to come to. And from what I've heard, white men don't put you through this type of nonsense but that's another post. I wish anyone in similar situations all the luck in the world.

So honestly, to all you dudes who come at me spitting the same old bull shit "that was him, I can make you happy, blah blah, blah," I can't hear it anymore. I can't give myself anymore.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Girls Get Love Too

LOL Another hilarious clip I saw today. Enjoy.


So, I posted alot today and figured it was enough. But I also said I was going to keep it real. So, I'm going post this because it's currently an issue in my life right now, but I'm going to keep it short. I don't want to go into details or someone might get cursed out lol.

But seriously. All jokes aside. So I'm sure some women have heard this over and over again. Cause I know I have. "You're special." "I really care about you." And you know how the rest goes.

However, actions speak louder than words. So although dudes may say this, why don't they live up to it? I would rather a man SHOW me that Im special and that they care about me than to TELL me. That's what's supposed to set them aside from other guys.

And while I'm at it. Why can't dudes do shit they actually say their going to do? Like seriously. Jokes aside. Again. If you say you're going to do something, is it too hard to do it? Like if it is, then don't say you're going to do it. It really gets on my nerves. Like that's the one thing I can say that really pisses me off.

It reminds me of my dead beat ass father, and I'm sure alot of you, males and females, have gone through similar experiences. So imagine that happening to you when you're little, and what it meant to you. Now imagine doing that same exact thing to someone right now. It's the same thing. It's hurtful. It's selfish. And it definitely doesn't say I care about you or think you're special. So think about that the next time you tell someone you're going to do something and don't do it. It may not seem like it affects the other person, but more than likely it does.

Christmas Gifts

Aight. So I know yall know we're in a recession. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody. So this year, ya'll all need to get real creative. Seriously. And honestly, those gifts, in my opinions are the best ones. So fellas, (and ladies) I'm going to help you out when you're trying to think of something great to get your significant others with a limited budget.

Personally I prefer thoughtful gifts. A Gucci bag, to me, is not thoughtful and I'm going to explain why before yall all start acting crazy. The only reason people want these types of gifts are to show them off or to show what they can afford and whatever else. But a Gucci bag cannot replace the absence of a man. So the next time a man gives you a Gucci bag, think about how often you even get to see his ass. (It's just a replacement to keep you occupied)

But yeah those types of gifts aren't thoughtful (in my opinion) because these are gifts that anybody can get/have/want. These kind of gifts can be given to anyone. The chick on the side, their mama, who ever else. And personally I don't like those gifts, which is why I don't really accept gifts.

So you want to get them something that is special to them. That you would only do or make for them. So here's a prime example that I hope will help you guys out. So I LOOOVVEEE Olive Garden. Like it's the ONLY thing I talk about eating even when I'm already eating lol. So what someone I was dating did for me was cook for me and pretended we were at Olive Garden and he made me lasagna (my fav dish). It was so cute! And he could've just taken me, but it's the whole thought and planning of all of it that made it so much more special.

So heres a tip. LISTEN. I know it sounds crazy, or maybe even easy, but it's not. Most dudes forget half the shit they are being told by females. So listen to your woman. She's giving you clues when she talks without either of you knowing it. She's telling you what she likes, what she hates, etc. Use that information without having to ask her and surprise her with something nice, and most likely 5 times less expensive than you would normally spend. Trust me, she will love the fact that you cared enough about her. Don't let the recession take a toll on your ability to give THOUGHTFUL gifts.

Happy Holidays!

Hot Albums

So there are some hot albums out right now. And incase you're behind (like me sometimes) I've decided to post the top 5. These are strictly in my opinion so don't be mad because I didn't go look at Billboard. I don't need a chart to tell me what I like.

I'm not listing these in order for the simple fact that I haven't really heard one of them, but have heard good things.

I Am...Sasha Fierce: Yes I wrote a blog about her personality but I'm talking about her music right now. That album is fire. Actually I prefer the second half of the album to the first, but over the weekend I've been going through some relationship issues and I must say that the first half of the album helped me through that. So thanks Bey.
The album, in my opinion, is split up into Grown, married Beyonce, and Young, I really want to be single, Sasha Fierce, Beyonce lol. But I have it in heavy rotation so that says enough.

Fearless: Jazmine Sullivan. She is the truth right now. She's different, she's pretty, she looks like she has it all together (but I could be wrong). I just like her whole style. She's not trying to be Beyonce, and that's key right now. (Somebody please tell that to Ciara) I love almost all of the songs. Her jazzy sound is so refreshing in this R&B arena and she says things most females are afraid to say. You go girl.

PaperTrail: This album righgt here? Man it's the truth. Like first off you can hear how much T.I. has grown as a rapper and as a person. You can really feel him and what he has to say. You feel like he's just straight up talking to you, and no matter if you've been shot, been to jail, been to court, or been to the damn Bahamas, you can relate.
The beats are sick. Like I can't stress that enough. The beats are hot. I can really get with this album, and I don't listen to rapper's albums.

808s and Heartbreak: I can really feel how lonely Kanye is. Even my mom can. She was literally trying to hook me up with him. Moms I swear. Talking about he needs a good woman. LOL Anywhoo. I didn't really fully listen to the album, but everything I heard I thought was good and I hope Kanye can find a good woman in his life. So get that album, especially if you feeling the same way right now.

Theatre of the Mind: This is the album I aint listen to yet. Sorry Luda, I got you though. I heard nothing but good things. And I usually tend to cop Luda's albums. Luda's also a changed man and this whole grown up thing I really love that. So get the album guys. :)

My Shoes off to you Mr. President (literally)

Lol I just thought this was hilarious. Nice way to say goodbye to the Bush. lol enjoy.

Why women cheat

So for the most part, I think it's safe to say that most people cheat, men or women. And then I think it's safe to say men cheat more than women. However, when women do actually cheat, it's usually for a better reason then men and heres why.

Women cheat because they need a full man. Most of the time the man they are in a relationship with are not that full man that we need. A woman needs a man to be there for her physically and emotionally. We need someone to talk to, we need someone to hold us, we need someone to treat us how we deserve to be treated.

Most men think it's all about sex and buying gifts. But honestly, buying gifts can only go but so far. They cannot replace a man, their just a substitute for him not being there. (And in my opinion a poor one)

When women cheat, sex is not necessarily involved. It's to get that love that they need from another man emotionally, or whatever else it is that her man is lacking.

So women need a full man. One who talks to her. Embraces her physically. (yes that includes sex) But also one that loves her, holds her, tells her, etc. And when a woman's man is only there "for her" sexually, that can lead to cheating. So men, think about why you're woman might be cheating on you. Because if you were a full man, she wouldn't need to go elsewhere to complete the man she wanted in you.

Im not necessarily condoning it, but I think it's better than when a man cheats (with a few exceptions). Both men and women have needs, but we'll talk about that in another post :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So normally when the question of talent comes in to play, the main chicks out there in that question are Rihanna, and Cassie. But Rihanna is on her grind so no one is really pushing it, and Cassie's giving out free ass so I guess we've just accepted it and left it alone. But we can all agree that these two chicks have no talent. If you don't, check out their live performances.

However, I think there needs to honestly be one more name in this ring of talentless singers and she goes by the name of Keyshia Cole. Sorry folks. Come on. Honestly. Did yall hear her singing at the fight on Saturday? I was trying not to get at her because I know there's a bunch of you die hard Keyshia fans out there (for whatever reason) including my best friend, but COME ON! She sounded AND looked a hot ass mess. You can't tell me that wasn't the last straw to this nonsense!? She's a pretty girl, got her head together, has done alot for herself and her family, and I honestly do love her for that, but the music? Man, if I ever, ever, ever, had an inkling that she couldn't do anything except scream, Saturday night's performance solidified it. She gets off key a million times and shes screaming. It hurt my ears. Sorry.

The video is above if your ears were lucky this weekend.

Who is Beyonce really?

Theres something about this chick. Seriously. Beyonce is definitely a power house singer, she's on the top of her game, but something just doesn't seem quite right about her. Theres a sense of fakeness and phoniness that shines through all of her interviews, that could possibly hurt her if she wants to keep her current fan base (which she is slowly but surely losing.) Like I said, don't get me wrong, I can definitely bang to that Sasha Fierce album, but her personality...I don't know. I mean she couldn't even reach out to JHud during her tragedy. SMH.
My best friend also thinks that without Jay-Z she had no swag, which I think is a hilarious idea, because I think it's actually true. She was kind of corny pop star ish (Bills, Bills, Bills, etc.) but still great, everyone loved DC (who didn't?) But she definitely could never have pulled off that Diva song without Jay. Seriously. Think about it. That NY swag definitely had an influence on her and this Sasha Fierce character. And although the Single Ladies song is the ladies anthem right now, it definitely sounds like Will Smith's Switch song, and is similar to Got Me Bodied.
So yeah, I'm not hating, to all you die hard Beyonce fans, but honestly, who is this chick without the blonde weave?

Monday, December 8, 2008

This Blog Thing

Hey guys. So I'm new to this blog thing. But I thought I'd give it a try. As a new up and coming artist, I thought you all would enjoy coming along with me for the ride in these beginning steps. I've gotten alot of love and support and thought this would make me feel closer to you all besides the myspace page. I'd love to hear you comments, critiques, questions you have, whether they range from understanding my personality, to what I think about other artists, to whatever else you guys can come up with. I want you to be able to relate to you, and create music that you want to hear. So as we prepare for the mixtape and the album coming out in April, I want you all to be apart of what's to come. I want you all to get opportunities to be apart of the music video, other performances, promotion team etc. So again, thanks for your support, and you can start coming with any questions you have, and I'll be sure to answer them, honestly and truthfully, as I think many artists sugar coat way too much. Love you guys. And keep visiting