Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Disaster

So I'm currently working on the album as many of you know. And I've named it Beautiful Disaster.

This album is not only important to me because it's my first album, but because it highlights alot of the things I've been going through prior to and during my father's death. My life has been a crazy emotional roller coaster, however, at the end of the day, God has blessed me so much that although I believe that there have been many disasters in my life as of recent, he's always continued to bless me and carry me through, helping me see the beauty in it all and I hope that you all will too when you hear the album. I'll be putting up a sneak peak probably before the month ends or the very beginning of April so look out for that.

Some song titles include:

He Lifts Me Up
Tomorrow Never Came
I'm Gone
For My Baby

I hope that this album provides as inspiration and hope to those going through each of the various situations I talk about, which range from the way my boyfriend motivates me, to my relationship with and death of my father. So this is an album that EVERYONE can relate to.

I also posted a picture/still from my music video shoot...the rest of them can be seen on my myspace page:

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