Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lets Go to Church

So today is the first time in a long time where I feel so filled and excited and blessed, and that was because I went to church. My friend has been trying to get me to come with him to this church by our school and I just wasn't having it. Waking up all early and whatnot. But it didn't start until 12 and I realized I had no more excuses.

After the things that have been going on in my life lately, I felt as though I needed some guidance, and where better to go than church?

I don't want to preach to you all, but honestly, when you feel that God is speaking to you, talking to you, sending you signs through your dreams, or even through the actions of your friends (whether they be positive or negative) You need to answer that and go to church.

Now let me say this. I'm not even putting myself out here as a perfect Christian or a perfect person. Because I am neither. I am just a new messenger of the Lord and have accepted my job to help bless and uplift others in the name of Jesus. Now I know people don't blog about this kind of stuff, but I am not people.

I know who wakes me up every morning. I know who makes sure I have heat when it's cold and food when I'm hungry. I know who makes sure my tuition is paid each and every semester. I know who puts me through and stays with me through the obstacles to make me a better person and appreciate his blessings. So it's only right that I give Him the credit he deserves, and the best way to do that is to not only proclaim his name and believe, but to bring others to Him.

Today in church we learned three main things. I believe he preached from the gospel of Mark 2:1-6 I believe.

But basically we learned about how Jesus spoke at this house and it was completely packed inside and outside. And basically these men were bringing this paralytic man to him for healing and were not deterred because of the crowd. What they did once they realized they could not get this man into the place the conventional way, they cut open the roof and slowly dropped the paralytic man down into the house to get to Jesus.

So the three things were:
A. You have to be willing to not only pray for yourself and ask for blessings for yourself, but also ask for blessings for others. You have to want for you to get what God has instore for you, but not until someone else get's what God has in store for them. (as opposed to the corporate mentality of "im gunna get mines")
B. You have to not only believe in what he can do, but you have to speak with your actions instead of with your words.
C. You have to be willing to do all of these things no matter how hard it seems or how many obstacles there are.

He gave the example of how when we go to the club and the line is super long, we never let that stop us from getting in. We might try to sneak in from the side, etc. etc. so we need to take that approach not only for ourselves, but also for others. :)

Hope you are filled by this as much as I was!

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