Saturday, February 21, 2009


So I really didn't want to talk about this and I felt like I would have to if I came back to the blog, but now that I'm back I guess I might as well throw in my two cents.

Let me start out by saying that I personally do not believe that a man should place his hands on a woman. HOWEVER, with that said, I believe that a man has a right to DEFEND himself against a woman charging at him or physically threatening his life. I also believe that if a woman believes she has the right to really put her hands on a man she should expect that at that point you are no longer a female, you are someone trying to assault him, and therefore there is the POTENTIAL to be jacked up because of their own actions. HOWEVER, men should still try at all times not to put their hands on a woman just because they usually have more strength and could really end up hurting the person they love physically, and emotionally.

Now, Rihanna looks like a chick who talks reckless and says whatever she wants to say. It's clear from her history with her own brothers that she does some pretty crazy things (i.e. hitting her brother over the head with a glass bottle). This kind of behavior calls for some type of repercussions. Rihanna seems like the type who has gotten her way way too many times and Chris Brown just wasn't trying to have it.

However, when I saw the pictures, I thought wow. I couldn't even speak just because I felt like I was backing him up the entire time until I saw pictures and got a full story. But honestly, there is no reason to get to the point where a person is knocked unconscious. There really isn't. And from the pictures it is clear as to how she was knocked unconscious because she suffered from a number of severe blows to the face. That'll do it.

So I am still waiting to hear what this story is but honestly right now I really feel bad for Chris Brown. I really do. His life is pretty much over no matter what, whether he goes to jail or not. He's lost all of his endorsements, and even more fans. I am sure that he is meditating on this and I hope he really does get the help that he needs because domestic violence is very serious. I hope that everyone gives him the opportunity to seek help instead of continuing to beat down on him. If he could take it back, I'm sure he would. I'm sure he's realized how much shit he's in and that whatever the issue was, it sure wasn't worth this. So I really am praying for the both of them as they drive down the road of recovery.

As Americans it's easier to beat up on someone until they feel like nothing, and I hate that about our nation. I think we need to be more caring of each other and understanding of each other when we are down because we've all been down before. So to pretend we haven't and rejoice when someone falls is inhumane in my opinion. We really need to get him the help he needs and support him. That's all I have to say about this.

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