Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

For those who didn't watch it it would be sad for me to say that you didn't miss much. In fact it would be ignorant. I thought that the Oscars were pretty well done. Of course, as in all shows, there are parts where the audience is not being engaged the right way etc. but overall it was a very creative show. Their ability to combine aspects of various mainstream/ commercial movies, international movies, short films, musicals, etc. was very good and sometimes funny (could have been more funnier moments, but that I believe required everyone to have viewed all of the movies I guess to understand the jokes.

Beyonce's "surprise" performance was interesting. I thought she did pretty well considering the physical nature of her performance, while still being able to blow. She seemed boring kind of but I mean whatever I'm not going to go into detail. I think it was a little OD for her to think "At Last" is a song that she needs to keep singing because it's honestly a bit disrespectful to Etta James. She's still alive for goodness sake. But whatever.

John Legend was really good in his performance as usual. Will Smith was cute in his giving out of the action movies stuff (sound, special effects etc.)

What really touched me was Heath Ledger's family. You could tell that they really loved him, and that the audience really felt for them. I just felt bad but I know that everything is in God's hands so he will help them through. That was a really heartfelt moment of the show.

There were other good moments but I'm not going to go through them. Youtube it lol.

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