Saturday, February 21, 2009

Re-Making The Band

Ok. So I finally watched an episode of Making the Band and I must admit, that I was thoroughly impressed with what's to come for Day 26's new album. I'm extremely excited about these two songs "Stadium Music" and "So Good." As usual, Brian Cox does his thing on the tracks and I really think everyone is going to feel this new sound they are trying to challenge themselves to. So keep looking out for that.

Donnie. Hmph. I just have no real words. The boy is talentless. Honestly. He can play the piano and that's it. He cannot sing, and he's too stiff of a white boy to be able to dance. Diddy CLEARLY only picked him to appeal to the white teeny bopper fans because those fans will definitely buy an album or two and stay loyal to their loverboy fantasy Donnie.

It's clear that not only is Diddy losing faith in Donnie (if he ever really had any), but Donnie is losing faith in Donnie. At the end of the day, Rihanna cannot sing. We all know this, but her hustle is clearly there because she makes sure her name is kept in the media, and she comes out with some pretty hot tracks, I must admit. (whether she is deserving of those tracks is another topic) But when it comes to her hustle, and her drive and want for money, she knows what she's doing. Donnie on the other hand apparently thought fame and everything else was just supposed to come naturally from being signed to Bad Boy.

First of all not only do Bad Boy artists become null and void after an album (or possibly 2), but Donnie cannot sing! Like hello! He has no real stage presence and it's clear he thinks this was all supposed to just come to him. People (although not that many apparently) can see through the bullshit. They can see through the smoke and the fog and the autotune and the airbrushing and realize that that is not you! It's sad that he has to come to this realization on live TV, but clearly this is what he needs to tip the scale that he sees right now.

AND just a Donnie sidebar, i think it was hilarious that people didn't even know who he was!!! Personally I wouldn't either if Diddy didn't leave his ass in the Making the Band episodes, cause he's so not interesting at all. He just looks like a white boy from the corn fields with mad moose.

Now when it comes to Danity Kane, it's another story. I hate aubrey, I've always hated aubrey. She, D-Woods, and others were doing things that were not in the best interest of the group. Granted, I understand they were trying to get that money and Diddy is one bastard when it comes to his artists because I am sure they don't really get anything. However, it began to mess up the dynamics of the group as people began to get side tracked and place the group on the back burner, which upset the other members who felt that they were more dedicated.

So, in that sense it was their fault partially that they were beginning to naturally break up, but it's also Diddy's fault for his poor management skills of his artists. He's a thief. Plain and simple. If he wasn't, all of his other artists would be out right now doing stuff instead of trying to live the rest of their lives trying to pay him back.

Additionally, Diddy FIRED D-Woods and Aubrey. He did. It's on television. Whether it was staged or not, he did it and there's proof. So I really wasn't trying to hear Dawn (who I still like) tell Diddy that they explained to them that he really didn't fire them. Because he did. Therefore once that happens, the contract is over. done. up. finished. void. It does not count and therefore he should not be allowed to sue them for jumping when he said jump back into the group.

If I got fired I would have honestly done the same things and figured out okay, now what? Now where am I going to get the money to feed myself and rest my head? I'm not going to jump back into a rocky situation for the sake of Diddy's ego. Not happening. It was a nice ride, I got screwed, and I learned my lesson.

I think people need to stop criticizing them for not thinking about their fans because yes at the end of the day, their fans made them. But at the same token, fans need to understand that artists are people too. They need to eat. They need to sleep. They need to have dignity (except aubrey clearly). Therefore, I'm sure they would love to get back in the group with one another had the monetary situation not been what it is. And as fans we should understand that at the end of the day, it really is about money- the ability to provide for yourself and family. And I don't think we're being fair about letting them cope with that.

So no, diddy should not have the right to sue them after all the fucked up shit he's done for the sake of TV and publicity and money. He's exploiting them. End of the story.

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