Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Rebirth

I'm going to keep this short because he isn't even worth being on my blog, but I want to save the rest of you the time, effort, and money of going out and purchasing this horrible album.

This album, called The Rebirth, is just proof that this little person cannot sing. I'm sorry. It's a horrible album. Beep Beep? What are you talking about? That's just something easy to get the people hyped with in the club. Go sit down.

The one song that I do like is called Give Me Your Heart. And it's a real shame because that song is really good. It's clear that he goes in on that song. Let me take that back... It's clear that he ATTEMPTS to go in on that song. By some small chance of luck, the song still came out pretty good because of all the risks he takes, however it shows that there were a lot of risks being made.

He was pretty flat in many of his songs and I really was just turned off by the songs because of it. I guess if you have no sense of what sounds good or bad, then you're fine. But as a musician, it really bothers me that someone like him with no talent, can come out with an album like that and be seen as "a singer."

FYI: He was on American Idol in the beginning seasons (like 2 or 3) and Simon told him he couldn't sing. I agree. He can't. He needs to sit down.

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