Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back At It

Ok I was gone but now I'm back! Sorry guys. I've been slacking. But once I get uninterested in the gossip of the world I have no reason to really report on anything but that's not a good excuse! So here I am back again and I promise to stay more consistent!!!

So what's going on in my life?

Well I'm working on the album, hopefully will have one or two songs spinning in the Pittsburgh and New York clubs by March/April so do look out for that. I have some pretty interesting songs so I'm excited to work on it and can't wait for you all to hear what I have cooking up. I plan on working with my boy Nick 'The Scholar' Pratt from the collegeboymovement. He has that little southern swag so that should be a sick combination so I'm excited about that. Once there are more details I will fill you all in. But the album will be dropping in May so PLEASE be sure to support and cop it :)

In my personal life, I am now in a relationship. Sorry fellas I'm off the market and probably will be for a while. lol. I feel really good about this one so unless he like murders me or pulls a Chris Brown on me then nothing's going to change. :) He's a sweetheart, forthright, honest, loving, caring, understanding, all of that good stuff and he's black lol. So you know those are hard to find. He's actually responsible for having me back up on this blog right now so you guys need to thank him for getting on my case. He honestly makes me better and ladies you should demand no less than this from your man but we will get to all of that in another post of course! You know I'm good for that kind of talk.

I also cut my hair as you can see in the pic above. It's alot shorter now and I will be cutting it again and am really excited to show the physical changes of what I consider to be the new me. So don't worry, I won't desert you guys again. I'm back and I'm here to stay. Had a couple of things and people try to knock me down, but it's not necessary for me to really get at them. I'm sure God has punished them in his own ways and I'm really glad to know we have a God who can do all things. So I'm going to keep the faith. Look out for the coming blogs in a few minutes and days, as I will be bringing back that heat and controversy that was loved here on the page. Peace and Blessings!

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