Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Black is Beautiful... and Presidential

So it's the new year and I'm like whoa! How have I not put up the most important, most beautiful, most inspiring, most influential family on the Earth on this blog? Crazy me. So the Obama's have officially moved to DC this week after their wonderfully well-deserved vacation in Hawaii.

Sasha and Maliah, two of the cutest kids known to man-kind, have already started school this week. Experts say that the two girls will be able to adjust just fine, which is extremely important. These types of changes (although most don't become President lol) are crucial for children. And the Obama family, one of the few families in my opinion, are very understanding of this. Michele and Barack have said over and over again that their first job consists of being parents. And they hit the nail on the head with these statements, but more importantly, with their actions. Making sure their children are secure and well-adapted enough to make this transition as their every move is being watched. These two children are pretty smart, but they are the offspring of Michele and Barack so nothing less would be expected.

I seriously hope that everyone really watches this family. They've done so much. They have not only restored faith in the Black family and how strong it can be, but they've been able to help rid of stereotypical behaviors. They have also been able to show other nations that Americans are not just selfish people, and that we do genuinely care about other people. We could not have elected a better president for this day and age.

His campaign was the best campaign probably ever. He genuinely cared about everyone and definitely was able to show that (clearly because he won.) Even after the win, he continued to show everyone he cared. I.E. taking his family to do community service, as well as having people host meetings around the country to talk about the things that they would like to see changed, or what they are concerned about. Like seriously. What president ever gave a damn about what the average American wanted? That's unheard of. And this is why this man is extremely important in American history.

I can't wait until our grand-kids and great-grand-kids are here and in their history books is Barack Obama. The Black president, not that long after the realistic ending of slavery. There are no more excuses now! 2009 Will be a hard year, as we try to cope with this recession, but now that Barack is in charge, I think we will do better.

Black is Beautiful. :)

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