Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hip Hop Musical

So apparently Kanye is secretly planning a play where the actors will rap their lines. This should be pretty interesting because it will definitely get young Black people to the theatre and that is important. Black people these days don't understand the importance of being well-rounded. They just think going to the mall, sitting on the block, going to work and partying in their cities are all they need to worry about. We have to do better people. Seriously. We have a Black President now and that should push you to want to do AND see more.

So get out to the theatre. It's not gay, at all. Being able to watch people who can make you feel like you're somewhere else, like a movie does, as you watch their lives unfold, and being able to do it in 2 hours, over and over again for various audiences, is a big deal. That takes a lot of work. I actually just saw a show called "Home." It was really good. So please get out to the theatre and open your mind.

Hopefully Kanye will help you all to do this. This sounds interesting to keep a look out for when it comes out.

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