Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CarCoon or Coontoon?

Yes you read right. Carcoon or Coontoon = Cartoon+Coon. Apparently Soulja Boy has a cartoon coming out in November. It's about a teenage rap star who also is attending high school, so I guess we'll be watching how he copes with the pressures of having to juggle both.

I'm anxious to see the ignorance that will unfold in this cartoon. I seriously am. And I want to know the target audience for this nonsense.

Let's be real. Like really real. The only reason that Soulja Boy is getting all the play he gets is because he's marketable to the younger generations. If he were older, there would be no way that anything he rapped, danced, said, would be paid attention to. He's marketable and that's that. People are trying to make money at the end of the day, thus, they only see him as dollar signs, not talent. And it's a shame that those who actually do have talent don't get the time of day like this character does. SMH.

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