Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Post You Were Really Waiting For

Ok so I got a nosy ass email about what's going on with me! LOL Nah it's all love. I said I would from the get go so I'm going to keep that promise. So what's going on with Joella?

So currently right now I'm still dating the guy I brought up a few times here. Things are going well. Ok that's an understatement. Things are going great! It's crazy how fast our feelings for each other have grown. So I guess we can say we're past the "dating" stage, but we're not officially together.

We feed off of each other really well. He is honestly probably the best guy I've ever dated. Like I said, he prides himself on being able to take care of the important people in his life, especially women, and I definitely have been seeing the perks of being with a man like that while we've been dealing with each other.

He likes to do for me. He takes me out to lunch pretty often since he works 5 mins from my house, he knows how to listen, he knows the kinds of things women want, i.e. attention, affection etc. He pays attention to everything. For Christmas he bought me Ugg slippers because he knows how much I love/wear Uggs without me having to ever really tell him.

He's also definitely not afraid of showing how much he cares about me in front of his boys which is extremely important ladies! One way to tell if your man, or even the guy you're dating is really feeling you, is to notice his behavior in front of his boys. Is he distant? How does he address you in front of them? Etc. But also know you're role in that situation. Don't immediately try to be all lovey dovey in front of the boys. Act like one of the boys and I'm going to explain why:

1. If you know how to just chill, and not be a high-strung, needy ass chick in this setting, he will definitely appreciate it AND you will probably get to spend more time with him when he's with the boys instead of him ALWAYS having to leave you home so he can go chill with them. He can now probably bring you 2/5-3/5 of the time that he goes to chill with them instead of 0/5 lol.

2. If he is the type of dude to show how he feels about you in front of his boys, he's going to automatically do it without you prompting him to do it. TRUST. Besides, if it's your first time meeting the boys, you don't want to make things awkward and act all couple-y. They want to try to get to know you and figure out what your intentions are with their boy. So let your man initiate that type of interaction.

(Disclaimer: Some men (and women too) are honestly just not the PDA (public display of affection) type and won't do it in any setting, so be sure you know that so you don't hold it against him (or her) that they don't act a certain way in front of their closest friends.)

But yeah, I definitely wasn't expecting him to be like that in front of his boys, which definitely tells me he cares about me and it's okay if his boys know. So I'm so loving what we have right now. I can definitely see us growing together and whatnot and will continue to take it day by day.

And what am I doing you ask? Good question. I'll post that either today or tomorrow. It will be called: How To Keep A Man.

Preview: I'll just be talking about the things I personally do for him, which makes our connection stronger. Additionally I'll point out things that women in general should definitely do for their man if they want to keep him, especially if he's treating you right. :) So stay tuned for that!

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