Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mary J. Blige

Ok. So I'm going to keep it real like I said. And this is probably going to cause alot of controversy amongst my readers and whatnot, but whatever. I've already had this conversation with alot of people and although there are plenty who disagree with me, there is a good number who agree so I feel ok enough to put it out there.

Now, I personally think that Mary J. Blige isn't as good as she used to be. I know she's considered a legend now, but honestly, I can't buy someone's album based on that. Whitney Houstan was a damn legend, but I'm not buying this album coming out soon. Mariah Carey was a damn legend when she had clothes on, but now she's trash and we all know it. So although Mary isn't as low as those two characters, she's not the Mary I used to love.

Therefore, (get ready for it, im about to say it so brace yourself) Mary J. Blige is OVERRATED right now. Sorry folks! I said I was going to keep it real so I am.

But, on a lighter MJB note, she was definitely doing her thing. She was the hottest chick. She broke barriers being able to combine hip hop beats with her R&B sound and lyrics. She talked about the things us women go through. I really felt her. And right now I think it's only right for me to bring it back. If any of you women out there are going through heartache, relationship problems, etc. Even if everything is going great, listen to "Everything." I'm telling you, the Share My World album was the TRUTH! I'm actually listening to that shit right now. So if you remember that album, you better go find that shit and put it in RIGHT NOW.

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