Monday, December 15, 2008

Hot Albums

So there are some hot albums out right now. And incase you're behind (like me sometimes) I've decided to post the top 5. These are strictly in my opinion so don't be mad because I didn't go look at Billboard. I don't need a chart to tell me what I like.

I'm not listing these in order for the simple fact that I haven't really heard one of them, but have heard good things.

I Am...Sasha Fierce: Yes I wrote a blog about her personality but I'm talking about her music right now. That album is fire. Actually I prefer the second half of the album to the first, but over the weekend I've been going through some relationship issues and I must say that the first half of the album helped me through that. So thanks Bey.
The album, in my opinion, is split up into Grown, married Beyonce, and Young, I really want to be single, Sasha Fierce, Beyonce lol. But I have it in heavy rotation so that says enough.

Fearless: Jazmine Sullivan. She is the truth right now. She's different, she's pretty, she looks like she has it all together (but I could be wrong). I just like her whole style. She's not trying to be Beyonce, and that's key right now. (Somebody please tell that to Ciara) I love almost all of the songs. Her jazzy sound is so refreshing in this R&B arena and she says things most females are afraid to say. You go girl.

PaperTrail: This album righgt here? Man it's the truth. Like first off you can hear how much T.I. has grown as a rapper and as a person. You can really feel him and what he has to say. You feel like he's just straight up talking to you, and no matter if you've been shot, been to jail, been to court, or been to the damn Bahamas, you can relate.
The beats are sick. Like I can't stress that enough. The beats are hot. I can really get with this album, and I don't listen to rapper's albums.

808s and Heartbreak: I can really feel how lonely Kanye is. Even my mom can. She was literally trying to hook me up with him. Moms I swear. Talking about he needs a good woman. LOL Anywhoo. I didn't really fully listen to the album, but everything I heard I thought was good and I hope Kanye can find a good woman in his life. So get that album, especially if you feeling the same way right now.

Theatre of the Mind: This is the album I aint listen to yet. Sorry Luda, I got you though. I heard nothing but good things. And I usually tend to cop Luda's albums. Luda's also a changed man and this whole grown up thing I really love that. So get the album guys. :)

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