Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Chick

OK. So I'm hearing too much of this chick, and she's honestly getting on my last nerves. I'm so sick of people referring to her as bad, and all that nonsense. I think we need to expand these words to incorporate more than just looks, but intelligence, personality, drive, etc. etc. Honestly, this chick is NOT bad. She uses her fake external assets to climb the pole of success. (lol pun intended) And that's so ridiculous to me that a chick like that becomes famous and acquires wealth by looking and dressing with 2 pieces of material max on her body.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with taking a sexy picture every now and again. But somethings I only want my man to enjoy. Not my man, his boys, his grandfather, his uncles, etc. That's ridiculous. I'm not judging but it's so sad that modeling these days means taking pictures with hardly any clothes on. Hoe=Model. SMH

A Bad chick in my opinion, is one who not only looks fierce, but is intelligent, went to school, or is in school getting their degrees. (Cause ain't nothing sexier than a black man with a degree, seriously, so it should be the same with women) But yeah. I think I'm a pretty attractive female, and it's clear that others do too, but I never had to take off all my clothes for me to feel beautiful, or for others to tell me either. So next time you call a chick "bad" I hope you're not just referring to what you see on the outside.

Oh and she ain't no damn angel. Atleast not the kind I was taught about in church. SMDH.

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