Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Go to Bed Mad

Ok so I kind of stole this from Ne-Yo. But honestly it's a good motto to live by. Seriously. I'm a very emotional girl, as some of you may know. And sometimes I would let my emotions get the best of me. However, lately in recent situations, I'm honestly extremely proud of the way in which I handled them.

So no matter what the issue is, if your man cheated on you, if you got in an argument with your best friend, if you and your mom aren't getting along. No matter what, do NOT go to bed mad at someone else.

For one, let's say God-forbid, something bad happens to that other person. You don't want to be upset and feel as though the situation is your fault whether it is or isn't. You want to use that time loving the person instead of forgiving or asking for forgiveness, trust me. Life is too short.

Secondly, it only makes you more mad, because you're already mad, and it affects everything you do, negatively. It does no good to you or the person you're mad at. Besides you can't think right when you're mad, and you end up making stupid decisions that will only hurt you and your goal. Also, the person you're mad at doesn't want to even deal with you until you've come out of that state of mind.

Third, it prevents you from moving on. Life is about rolling with the punches. Although those punches are sometimes hard as shit and put you in the emotional hospital, you have to deal with it. So, in order to move on, you have to be in a better place mentally. Besides, half the time the person you're mad at ALREADY moved the hell on, so do yourself a favor and stop devoting your precious time and thoughts to them. (This does take time, but the faster you can program yourself to do this, the easier it becomes)

Fourth, you'll miss out on opportunities. You so busy being mad, you missed out on an opportunity to meet a great guy, or to become interested in a new hobby, or to learn a new dance or food, or something. Don't be too mad as to let these opportunities slip away.

Finally,(this is the most important one) God has a way of handling EVERYTHING. Im dead serious. He's always made a way for me and my family out of no way. So if the person you're mad at is in the wrong, trust me, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT handle it yourself. Let Him take care of it. I've done that before and I honestly regret those decisions and have not reacted like that since. God has a way of giving people a taste of their own medicine when they least expect it. So although you may not necessarily see it, trust me, God has a plan, for you and them, so trust in it, let the anger go, and enjoy your life.

I know this is all easier said then done. But seriously, try to work on that for 2009 and you'll feel alot better. Shit I know I do. Especially because you would rather spend time cuddling instead of arguing, partying instead of arguing, or whatever else instead of arguing.

So to practice what I preach, I'm going to officially let you know (you know who you are) that I'm not mad at you. I'm upset that you hurt me and took advantage of my feelings. I trusted you to be someone that wouldn't fall into another statistic, but you did. And although I know you were lying about alot more than you finally admitted to, I forgive you. Although I don't wish to be friends with you, I will be professional and cordial in all of our interactions, and I honestly wish you the best, and hope that you never have to go through what I did with you.

Aight that's all folks!
DONT GO TO BED MAD! (Thanks Ne-Yo)

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