Monday, December 15, 2008

Why women cheat

So for the most part, I think it's safe to say that most people cheat, men or women. And then I think it's safe to say men cheat more than women. However, when women do actually cheat, it's usually for a better reason then men and heres why.

Women cheat because they need a full man. Most of the time the man they are in a relationship with are not that full man that we need. A woman needs a man to be there for her physically and emotionally. We need someone to talk to, we need someone to hold us, we need someone to treat us how we deserve to be treated.

Most men think it's all about sex and buying gifts. But honestly, buying gifts can only go but so far. They cannot replace a man, their just a substitute for him not being there. (And in my opinion a poor one)

When women cheat, sex is not necessarily involved. It's to get that love that they need from another man emotionally, or whatever else it is that her man is lacking.

So women need a full man. One who talks to her. Embraces her physically. (yes that includes sex) But also one that loves her, holds her, tells her, etc. And when a woman's man is only there "for her" sexually, that can lead to cheating. So men, think about why you're woman might be cheating on you. Because if you were a full man, she wouldn't need to go elsewhere to complete the man she wanted in you.

Im not necessarily condoning it, but I think it's better than when a man cheats (with a few exceptions). Both men and women have needs, but we'll talk about that in another post :)


rey said...

i agree that most men aren't "full" in the way that you put it and that's okay. Most men aren't trying to be full, they're trying to be empty(get it?)... If getting to that empty state means being emotionally available, then they'll do that too (along with the physical stuff).... But if a guy could get away we being 100% on the physical level and 0% on the emotional side he'll jump on the opportunity (literally)... besides there's actually a good reason why men cheat

Talitha said...

Man that is just wack! Let me tell you, both men and women cheat for almost the same reasons. They have no control and are very selfish! Men cheat on their girls for those two reasons and the facts that they dont have the gall to talk it out; their girls always nagging and not complimenting them enough so ego goes down the drain; and NOT ENOUGH SEX! Women have sex with their emotions and go along with their feelings so if for weeks they are messed up guess what no sex for the hubbie! So he goes where there are less bitching and depressed women and feel more appreciated and get his sex. Women are the same with slight variation; not enough affection before during and after sex, the guy was never the right guy for her in the first place because she was lying to herself thinking that he was then sees that he is not the one and has no gall to stop the relationship. If more than anything; no control and selfishness are the cause to both sexes cheating.