Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Aight. So I know yall know we're in a recession. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody. So this year, ya'll all need to get real creative. Seriously. And honestly, those gifts, in my opinions are the best ones. So fellas, (and ladies) I'm going to help you out when you're trying to think of something great to get your significant others with a limited budget.

Personally I prefer thoughtful gifts. A Gucci bag, to me, is not thoughtful and I'm going to explain why before yall all start acting crazy. The only reason people want these types of gifts are to show them off or to show what they can afford and whatever else. But a Gucci bag cannot replace the absence of a man. So the next time a man gives you a Gucci bag, think about how often you even get to see his ass. (It's just a replacement to keep you occupied)

But yeah those types of gifts aren't thoughtful (in my opinion) because these are gifts that anybody can get/have/want. These kind of gifts can be given to anyone. The chick on the side, their mama, who ever else. And personally I don't like those gifts, which is why I don't really accept gifts.

So you want to get them something that is special to them. That you would only do or make for them. So here's a prime example that I hope will help you guys out. So I LOOOVVEEE Olive Garden. Like it's the ONLY thing I talk about eating even when I'm already eating lol. So what someone I was dating did for me was cook for me and pretended we were at Olive Garden and he made me lasagna (my fav dish). It was so cute! And he could've just taken me, but it's the whole thought and planning of all of it that made it so much more special.

So heres a tip. LISTEN. I know it sounds crazy, or maybe even easy, but it's not. Most dudes forget half the shit they are being told by females. So listen to your woman. She's giving you clues when she talks without either of you knowing it. She's telling you what she likes, what she hates, etc. Use that information without having to ask her and surprise her with something nice, and most likely 5 times less expensive than you would normally spend. Trust me, she will love the fact that you cared enough about her. Don't let the recession take a toll on your ability to give THOUGHTFUL gifts.

Happy Holidays!

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