Thursday, December 18, 2008


So apparently everyone thinks that Ne-Yo's most recent interview is ridiculous. At about the 6:50 mark they go into a conversation and Ne-Yo says something to the effect of light-skinned kids looking the best anyway. However, being all up in arms about this statement is ridiculous and proves how quickly things can be taken out of context.

First of all, DO NOT fast forward to that. Watch and listen to the whole conversation. You can see the tone in which he is talking in. He's sarcastic sometimes, sometimes he's being humorous, sometimes serious, etc. It depends on the question being asked of him. And it was clear that the radio personality chick was super extra. So he was also having a little fun, because all people want to try to expose these artists and see how much they can get out of them to help perpetuate any current rumors circulating around them, i.e. him being gay.

Is he gay? I don't know. Nor do I care. The man makes, writes, and sings good music. If his sexual orientation affects whether or not you can relate to his lyrics, then you're ridiculous. Music speaks for itself. The fact that he has these grammy nominations, speaks for itself, but whatever. To each is own.

But back to the reason for the post. So please anytime you read something so crazy, judge for yourself. Don't let media outlets influence your decision either way. Figure it out for yourself. Any idiot can see that he was playing, and it was just a response to having kids with the radio personality. Stop trying to find stuff to be mad at Ne-Yo about. SMDH

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